Create an ‘Aprons4Alzheimers’ Movement in Your Community
1. Gather friends and sew aprons.
2. Sell the aprons at a farmer’s market, bazaar, or through a local merchant.
3. Donate proceeds to a local organization that provides Alzheimer’s respite care.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter Titles

Chapter Order

Back to the Beginning
1. Getting the Death Bed Ready
2. “All the way Back to my Fanny?"
3. Napkins and Paper Clips
4. Mom’s Green Thumb
5. The First Days of the Last Five Months
6. Tortured Omelet
7. In the Land of Hit and Miss Memory
8. “Cookies? We have Cookies!”
9. I Would Rather Burst Into Flames
10. Help Is Spelled H-E-R-B
11. When Life Hands You Alzheimer’s, Make Aprons!
12. Are You Looking For Sympathy?
13. Big Girl Panties
14. How Did You Find Me Back At That Place?
15. Hey! I’m Still Me In Here
16. Grandma Fed Us Roadkill
17. Music in my Toes
18. You Were the Bravest
19. Mom’s Seventy-Fifth Birthday
20. Where’s Gerald?
21. Alzheimer’s Last Gift
Looking Back
Farm Stories
22. Bean Summer Mornings
23. Riding Ollie
24. Killdeer

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