Create an ‘Aprons4Alzheimers’ Movement in Your Community
1. Gather friends and sew aprons.
2. Sell the aprons at a farmer’s market, bazaar, or through a local merchant.
3. Donate proceeds to a local organization that provides Alzheimer’s respite care.

Scotland Book Orders

Hello Scotland!
I would love to share my book with you. In the U.S. I charge $12.00; half of that cost goes towards the cost of the book the other half is donated to organizations that provide respite care to families who need help as they care for their loved one.

If you pay for the cost of the book ($6.00 U.S.)  plus shipping ($9.00 U.S.) I will then trust you to donate any additional amount you desire to Scotland Alzheimer's or any organization you are familiar with that provides respite care in your country.

To order, send a money order ($15.00 U.S.) to my sister and business manager, Katie Frostic. Please enclosed a slip of paper with your mailing address which will be used as an address label.

Send to:
2535 Applegate Rd
Applegate, MI 48401

P.S. My husband and I traveled in your country for a month and fell in love with your beautiful landscapes and charming people.
Thank you for your order.
Gwen O'Leary