Create an ‘Aprons4Alzheimers’ Movement in Your Community
1. Gather friends and sew aprons.
2. Sell the aprons at a farmer’s market, bazaar, or through a local merchant.
3. Donate proceeds to a local organization that provides Alzheimer’s respite care.

Pattern Edits

Pattern Edits

Changes to Gwen’s apron:
Cutting instructions:
Pocket, cut two 7 inch square pocket pieces

A. Yoke
2. Place wrong side of yoke on right side of apron, matching upper portions of yoke and apron. Top stitch a scant 1/8 inch from bottom curved edge.

H. Apron Skirt and slip
2. Press under 1/8 inch and again ¼ inch on sides and bottom of skirt, zigzag top edge of skirt strip.

Changes to Katie’s apron:
Cutting instructions
Slip (Small strip below second skirt) cut one strip, 3 inches x width of second skirt.

A. Yoke
1. Construct as Gwen’s apron using yoke instructions A, 1 and 2. Stitch again 1/4 inches from first top stitch.

Changes to Reagan’s apron:
Cutting Instructions:
Large pocket band, cut one strip 2 ½ inches x 15 ¾ inches.

Optional Construction Techniques

Waist ties on all aprons:Instead of leaving an opening for ties, pin ties in place with raw edge of tie lined up with raw edge of apron base. Ties should not extend out from base apron, they should be placed so they lay towards the apron. When you turn the apron to right side out they will extend out; topstitching is not needed as noted in the original instruction.

Neck ties on all aprons:You can construct the neck ties in the same manner but the placement tends to be a bit tricky. I’ve ripped out several neck straps, reinserted correctly, and then topstitched as in the original instructions.

Skirt on Gwen’s apron:Gather the skirt and baste to apron base with skirt towards the center of the apron base, be sure to leave ½ inch on each side for side seams. Pin apron bases right sides together, leave an opening on the side for turning right side out. Stitch, turn, press.
This construction technique is a more tailored approach and the topstitching on the original instructions is not necessary.

Gwen’s pocket:You can cut two pocket pieces instead of one. Sew the band on one piece, then sew both pocket pieces right sides together; be sure to leave an opening to turn.

Gathering stitches:My instructions call for one gathering stitch. A more tailored technique is to stitch two gathering lines about ¼ inch apart. When you stitch the gathered fabric to the apron base you stitch between the two gathering stitches.
One gathering stitch makes stitching the gathered fabric to the apron base a bit harder as the fabric doesn’t easily feed under the pressure foot.

My 1960’s Home Economics teachers and 4H leaders would cringe if they knew I my original instructions were not following standard sewing protocol. I apologize.

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