Create an ‘Aprons4Alzheimers’ Movement in Your Community
1. Gather friends and sew aprons.
2. Sell the aprons at a farmer’s market, bazaar, or through a local merchant.
3. Donate proceeds to a local organization that provides Alzheimer’s respite care.

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I had the pleasure of serving as the primary care physician for Donna O'Leary. Gwen, Ms O'Leary's daughter, recently shared her book "When Life Hands You Alzheimer's, Make Aprons!"
I am writing this letter to express what a wonderful reading experience this was. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is written with warmth, honesty, and gives great insight into this sad condition that affects both the people afflicted by it and the caregivers. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I feel strongly enough about it that I have started recommending it to the families of other patients of mine who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia.
I commend Gwen for writing and sharing this book and I wish her and the book the very best.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance.
Thank you.
Sindhu Kotwani, M.D. (Zephyrhills, Florida)

Although the subject of Alzheimer's can be a depressing subject, Gwen O'Leary's book is a joy to read. You can feel the frustration, enjoy the humor, and be touched by the sadness. As a caregiver, it made me realize that the person with Alzheimer's is still there, but lost in confusion. We need to remember to treat them with dignity and love. I am recommending, "When Life Hands You Alzheimer's, Make Aprons!" to all my co-workers and friends.
___Maggie Corey R.N., B.S.

Gwen O'Leary's personal account demonstrates that tragedy and humor can coexist in the same instant. As a psychotherapist having worked with families who struggle with the diagnosis of Alzheimer's, I applaud O'Leary's writing. Her account of Alzheimer's mirrors the countless families I have seen. This book brings to light the myriad emotions felt by patients and families facing this disease.
___Jeff Thompson M.A., LPC

This was the first chance I had to read your book. I was so honored that you allowed us inside your family's struggles with this disease. We get the chance and priviledge to take care of so many patients at the end of their lives, many times we do not get the chance to see the effects that this awful disease has on the entire family.
I will be passing this copy on to my clinical supervisor and my staff to read.
Thank you for giving us a copy, we will treasure it always.
P.S.- You can write! What a great read! I could not put it down!
___W. L. Barger, RN, Hospice Care Center/House Administrator

'Psychology of death and dying', a class at Baker College, Cass City, MI, campus is using "When Life Hands You Alzheimer's, Make Aprons!" in their course material.

Grace Howaniec, a former columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and former feature writer for the Chicago Sun-Times states:
Gwen...your beautifully written, insightful, delicate, witty, direct, piercing, evocative, wrenching...
you write about the awful without making it awful.
You put it out there, truthfully, warts and all, and emerged hopeful, grateful, whole and entire. What a lesson you and your mother have taught us all.
Grace Howaniec, a midwestern food writer, is the author of five cookbooks: Encore Wisconsin, The Sunday Cook Collection, 101 Practically Foolproof Recipes Almost Anyone Can Make, Grace Before Meals, and Mom's Sweet Memories.

"Gwen O'Leary's ability to find humor in the midst of heartbreak is refreshingly insightful and poignantly honest. Her writing style is both moving and poetic as she weaves her personal story of love, loss and bittersweet nostalgia. Readers will delight in O'Leary's visual imagery as she shares her encounter with the flip side of the parent/child relationship."
-- Connie Nelson, Former editor, McGraw-Hill Publishing

Gwen, I enjoyed everything about your book. I was constantly amazed by your moms moments of clarity. When I would read her clear thoughts and concerns, it stopped me in my tracks. To be in that state, and to KNOW it??
Your book is a great tool for anyone who knows someone with Alzheimers...or some who is a caregiver for someone with this disease. There is a lot to be learned from your sister and yourself. That's saying a lot, because it's not like you two sisters had an 'Alzheimers For Dummies' edition to follow!
Along with the sorrows and heartbreak you dealt with, I was so glad to see the humor. I found those funny moments totally acceptable!! I'm sure your mom loved to see you laugh at times, and for your own sanity as well. Thank God you have a loving husband that supported you along the journey.
I wish you all the best in getting out the word regarding your new book. So happy to have met you! Hope to see you again some day.
Sharon  (reader from Wesley Chapel, Florida)