Create an ‘Aprons4Alzheimers’ Movement in Your Community
1. Gather friends and sew aprons.
2. Sell the aprons at a farmer’s market, bazaar, or through a local merchant.
3. Donate proceeds to a local organization that provides Alzheimer’s respite care.

How to Order a Book

Soft bound books can be purchased for $12.00 at:"When%20Life%20Hands%20You%20Alzheimer's,%20Make%20Aprons!" 

My book is available in E-reader formats for devices like Kindle and Nook through and, Barnes and Noble, and Google Books

Please note that AuthorHouse orders generate more funds than Amazon or other internet orders, but orders through my sister, Katie Frostic, provides even more funds for Alzheimer's respite care.

Send a $15.00 check or money order made out to my sister: Katie Frostic
(The price includes shipping.)

Send to: Aprons 4 Alzheimer's
               2535 Applegate Rd
          Applegate, MI 48401

Please be assured that all profits will go to associations that provide respite care for families who are caring for their loved one.

Thank you for your support.
Gwen O'Leary